Saturday, October 30, 2010

Checking RCU schema version

Q.How will you know which version of RCU schema is installed?
A. Just query schema_version_registry table

Issue with Schema version

“Schema validation failed for message part CreateWorkerEBM. Please ensure at the message sender level that the data sent is schema compliant.”

We faced this issue on SOA Suite 11g R1 PS2 ( requires AIA 11g R1 + patch 9717829.We were able to solve this by,

1) Login to EM Console
2) Right click on soa-infra(soa_server1).
3) Click on Common Properties in SOA administration.
4)Click on SOa infra advanced configuration properties.
5)Click on whichever property you want to change. In this case “ValidateSchema”
6)Set Validate Schema to "False"
7)click on Apply.