Thursday, January 31, 2013

SOA PS4 (PS4 BUNDLE) - Sca_UpdateSOAMDS Composite Missing

We were applying this bundle patch on SOA and found that as per post install steps the composite was missing.As per a note from Oracle.

Engineering confirmed that the step "Redeploy the sca_UpdateSOAMDS composite from $SOA_HOME/soa/prov directory" can be skipped as a non Fusion Applications User.

So this step can be safely skipped for SOA 11g.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

BAM alerts to external email id's

A customer reported a strange issue where they were unable to send emails from BAM application to external emails. I searched for it but was unable to find anything on google or in oracle documentation.I have given this as fix, they are yet to get back.But i am confident that it will fix the issue.

The feature is apparently there from onwards.

cd  <SOA Domain>/servers/bam_server1/tmp/_WL_user/oracle-bam_11.1.1/1o1igs/config/

take a backup of BAMCommonConfig.xml

from:    <AlertActionAllowExternalEmail>false</AlertActionAllowExternalEmail>
to:     <AlertActionAllowExternalEmail>true</AlertActionAllowExternalEmail>

2) cd <SOA Domain>/config/fmwconfig/servers/bam_server1/applications/oracle-bam_11.1.1/config/

take a backup of BAMCommonConfig.xml

inside the <BAMCommon> tag add the below line,

3)Restart BAm server.