Monday, October 19, 2015

WebCenter Enterprise Capture Console or Client, Error 404

After installing capture on a windows machine, after installing i get 404 error when i access url or rather try to login.

Solution was from a oracle document, but seems like we need to retarget capture application.

Un-target and re-target the Capture deployment to the Capture Server:

1. Log into the Weblogic Server Console.
2. Click Deployments in the Domain Structure list.
3. Select Capture.
4. Check Capture.
5. Click Change Deployments.
6. Uncheck the Capture_Server (or cluster) check box.
7. Click Yes. This will save the un-target for the Capture deployment to the Capture Server.
8. Check Capture from the list of deployments again.
9. Select Change Targets.
10. Check the Capture_Server (or cluster) check box
11. Click Yes.