Friday, May 27, 2016


 Some customer wanted to setup despite it being out of support.Their 3rd party application only worked on this.So , we had no choice to agree to set this up.We faced issues like our OEL was 5.+ and database was 11gr2. The is certified for 10g database and OEL 4+. We had to work around it to make it work.The product support didnot help much as its not supported any longer.

For using 11g database with SOA i followed,

The only way to ignore OEL check was to run the installer with,

runInstaller -ignoreSysprereqs 

Then came the surprises on issues after issues on simple install.I will list them out as i couldnot find any documentation in oracle support or blog on internet

1)When i login to or ESB, after sometime it throws .

    <MSG_TEXT>ESB bootstrap: Unknown error occured in constructor of ESB resource adapter</MSG_TEXT>
    <SUPPL_DETAIL><![CDATA[oracle.tip.esb.model.repository.exception.RepositoryException: Unable to get connection to Repository
Ensure repository is accessible
        at oracle.tip.esb.model.repository.database.DatabaseRepository.getConnection(Unknown Source)
        at oracle.tip.esb.model.repository.database.DatabaseRepository.getESBParameters(Unknown Source)
        at oracle.tip.esb.server.bootstrap.ESBBaseResourceAdapter.<init>(Unknown Source)

I reinstalled so many times due to this, total waste of time.When i checked log.xml , i found that it was filled with ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

This was baffling as user /password login worked fine.Then i realized this was 11g database so i need to make password sensitivity false!

Just run this on the database.

This fixed the repository error!!
2) Orbpel issue.
     [echo] == Applying BPEL patch in primary instance "oc4j_soa" ==
     [copy] Copying 1 file to /sid/ias/product/1013/bpel/system/services/lib
     [copy] Copying 1 file to /sid/ias/product/1013/bpel/system/services/lib
     [copy] Copying 1 file to /sid/ias/product/1013/bpel/system/services/lib      [jar] Updating jar: /sid/ias/product/1013/bpel/system/services/lib/orabpel.ear     [echo] Re-deploying orabpel ...
     [echo] Running: java -jar /sid/ias/product/1013/j2ee/home/admin_client.jar deployer:oc4j:opmn://hostname:11722/oc4j_soa oc4jadmin [oc4jadmin-password] -redeploy -keepsettings -bindAllWebApps default-web-site -file /sid/ias/product/1013/bpel/system/services/lib/orabpel.ear -deploymentName orabpel
     [java] Redeploy error: Redeploy failed: Unable to redeploy Application: orabpel does not exist!

I again tried reinstall, notes was of no use.Then i manually deployed it and did a retry on installer.It worked!

Below command can be used to deploy Orabpel.Export java_home etc..

java -jar /sid/ias/product/1013/j2ee/home/admin_client.jar deployer:oc4j:opmn://hostname:11722/oc4j_soa oc4jadmin [oc4jadmin-password] -deploy   -file /sid/ias/product/1013/bpel/system/services/lib/orabpel.ear -deploymentName orabpel -bindAllWebApps

3) Rulehelp issue.

[echo] Running: java -jar /apps/oasprd/product/AS10gR3_BPEL/j2ee/home/admin_client.jar deployer:oc4j:opmn://oa1-iprd-21:6055/BPEL_OC4J_COE oc4jadmin [oc4jadmin-password] -redeploy -keepsettings -bindAllWebApps default-web-site -file /apps/oasprd/product/AS10gR3_BPEL/rules/webapps/rulehelp.ear -deploymentName rulehelp

[java] Redeploy error: Redeploy failed: Unable to redeploy Application: rulehelp does not exist!

As a work around comment out, in $ORACLE_HOME/bpel/system/services/install/ant-tasks/redeploy.xml, the line 'redeploy-app file "${oracle.home}/rules/webapps/rulehelp.ear" deploymentname='rulehelp'

Acording to bug 9097350 'rulehelp.ear' file is not a vital component that will prevent the install from working. This file only provides online help for the Rules Editor UI, and if needed the .ear file can be deployed at a later date either (i) manually or (ii) using EM to deploy. 

4) There was in issue with one off patch with installer,
To run in silent mode, OPatch requires a response file for Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM).
Run /dwwy8o/ias/product/asmt_1013/OPatch/ocm/bin/emocmrsp to generate an OCM response file. The generated response file can be reused on different platforms and in multiple OPatch silent installs.

To regenerate an OCM response file, rerun /sid/ias/product/1013/OPatch/ocm/bin/emocmrsp.
I just ran below command and did a retry on the installer,

$ORACLE_HOME/ccr/bin/setupCCR -s -d

** Installing base package **
Deploying core - Version
Deploying engines - Version
Deploying metricdata - Version
Deploying scripts - Version

Oracle Configuration Manager has been configured in disconnected mode. If the
target ORACLE_HOME is running a database, please refer to the
"Post-installation Database Configuration" section of the OCM Installation
and Administration Guide
( to complete the

View configuration data reports and access valuable configuration best
practices by going to MetaLink.