Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Failed to create RCU schemas when creating JCS

When i was creating a JCS instance in past. I had faced an issues where it failed at schema creation on DBCS.

Failed to create RCU schemas. Verify Database connectivity to XXXXX:1521:PDB1.YYYYY.oraclecloud.internal with sys -dbRole sysdba and make sure the Database has enough available space>

First thing is to check if database and listener are up. If they are then check the security rules.

- In the service console go to the network tab.
-  Search <servicename>/db_1/ora_p2_dblistener using the word "ora_p2_dblistener"
- Select update
- Check the status if its disabled , enable it.

Now you should be able to proceed to create the JCS instance.

The backup failed due to an object store connectivity issue

These days i have had exposure to OCI database. Its similar to OCIC dbaas which i had worked on from sometime. Though had stopped due to some organizational restructure. But i had faced this for one of the early customer i provisioned. As the infra team was also trying to understand OCI when i was launched. I like OCI as its quite robust and has many features compatible to AWS.  The above error is due to object storage connectivity error.

        We did refer the pre-reqs,


However, we could either create a service gateway or a internet gateway and create appropriate routes to the object store.Basically , service gateway is created when you dont want traffic to go over the internet.