Friday, December 6, 2019


We were running t2p for a customer for migrating to OCI. Even when /tmp has space we were running into issues.

Command for T2P:
sh $MW_HOME/oracle_common/bin/ \
-javaHome /oracle/fmw/jrockit-jdk1.6.0_211 \
-archiveLoc /oracle/ias/ocimig/my_copy.jar \
-sourceMWHomeLoc /oracle/fmw/product/111 \
-invPtrLoc /oracle/fmw/product/111/oracle_common/oraInst.loc
-logDirLoc /oracle/ias/tmp/logs \
-silent false \
-ignoreDiskWarning false

INFO : Dec 6, 2019 04:42:56 - CLONE-21166   Addition of the Middleware Home /pbmboo/fmw/product/111 to the archive started ...
SEVERE : Dec 6, 2019 04:43:11 - ERROR - CLONE-20275   Insufficient space to create /tmp/CLONINGCLIENT-8961367960413781108.
SEVERE : Dec 6, 2019 04:43:11 - CAUSE - CLONE-20275   Minimum required space was at least "4,318" MB, but only "4,177" MB was available for use.
SEVERE : Dec 6, 2019 04:43:11 - ACTION - CLONE-20275   Make sure that the minimum required space is available for use.

There was quite a bit of space in /tmp.

export T2P_JAVA_OPTIONS="<dir>/tmp" 

Then rerun the clone.If you inspect the <dir>/tmp directory while the script is running you'll see that a CLONINGCLIENT202653551162129417 file is created.
That file will be removed when the script has ended.
Now, the script should end without errors.